ONE Monev Gallery in collaboration with the National Art Academy present the exhibition 2 / 24 - SOFIA 2016

Authors: Bettina Gankova, Vasil Vasilev, Dana Tileva, Dimitar Bozdanski, Emilio Borata, Elena Kaimakanska Maria Cheshmedzhieva, Mariana Ivanova, Peter Ivanov, Sarah Samman, Christo Butsev Curators: Georgi Yankov, Nenko Atanasov

The exhibition will open on 3 November 2016. 18:30 and will continue until 3 December 2017.

The exhibition presents the works of 11 students from the department of "Poster and Visual Communication" at the National Art Academy. In the fourth and final year of their Bachelor of training, they combine creative searches, take the challenge of this project.

Each artist had only 24 hours to think, find and photograph the objects in their photo search. Without preliminary talks and preparation time for the theme and direction, the students had to intuitively find their sites and perspective, and present them in two frames. 100 years ago was born Dadaism. For this art movement characterized by the absence of logic rational thought and message. Association between chaotic everyday life of the city and the principles of Dadaism is a reference to the concept of this project. Behind the absurd and illogical imagination of the observer can detect visual context, sometimes full of irony or humor. With the presented works of young artists are turning to the audience to find their own personal comment one day.

Georgi Yankov