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Messages in paper


On May 9th, Europe Day, starts the second panel of the Sofia Paper Art Fest 2018 with the exhibition “Messages in Paper” hosted by One Monev Gallery.

The exhibition presents Bulgarian artists and it appears as distinguishing mark in this year’s concept of the festival. During the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU introduction to the contemporary Bulgarian art is made by representing some of the artists who won the AMATERAS Annual Prize for Paper Art. As a gallery, which is focused on familiarizing the public with the current art tendencies, One Monev perfectly hosts the interpretations of the paper.

The selection includes wide range of media with great variety of creative topics. The great sensitivity of the installations by Tsveta Petrova and Laura Dimitrova contrasts with the powerful presence of abstract images and forms by Simeon Panayotov and Desislava Deneva. Simon Todorov excites with impressive video and installation in airy aesthetics. Simultaneously, the video by Valentin Balev presents spiritual travel and play with fire. The provocative sculptures by Veselka Nikolova naturally emphasize on the reflective graphical reliefs by Zdravka Kostadinova. In the minimalistic space of the gallery the sculpture by Adriana Boyadjieva magnetizes with its lighting.

On  May 19th , the European Night of the Museums, the organizers of Sofia Paper Art Fest and the curator of One Monev Gallery will host special demonstration by the Finnish sculptor Kai Rentola. During the exhibition the spectators will meet the alluring world of the paper art world which has entered the contemporary art world recently but has implemented new aesthetics in the international museums and galleries.

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