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The project with the Latin name SENSUS (Latin Sensual) suggests from the beginning the viewer with the depth of the spatial horizons captured by the camera of the author Gergana Moodova. She is known to the general public from the large exhibitions that she has organized in Bulgaria by the world's leading names in photography, but she is also a remarkable artist. The exhibition features nineteen wide-format limited photographs selected specifically for the exhibition. The exposition shows us the sensual, seeking soul of the sophisticated artist.

For the process of her work, Gergana says:

"Photography is a feeling. It is an emotional process of discovery and sharing. The mystery of the black room, the anxiety and the impatience that we experience while we are expecting a negative, the questions we ask for as we complete the process. The black room is the womb in which we can solve our thoughts, think in complete darkness, while chemical processes reveal the images. Photography is a mirror of our perceptions. The laboratory creates a parallel reality, reveals the secrets of the blind, teaches us to be intuitive and extremely precise. Photography is a guide to the subconscious. It is the mediator of our message, which controls the spectators' fantasies. "

Gergana Moudava received her education in the Netherlands at the Willem De Kuning Academy, specializing in Illustration. Her creative path goes through Finland, where she finds inspiration for the stories of most of her current works in the show. The dedication of Gergana Moodova is a vocation, a way of life, and it happens with ease like breathing itself ... She also tells us:

"Photography gives us a license to see. We shoot with our heart and mind, the camera is just an instrument. She is the hunter of reality, she is the mechanical womb of the image, the instrument that allows us to document stunning images. Photography is an actual radiance, a direct luminescence of the missing one, which allows the simulation of an event. The photo is not only a result of the clash of the event and the photographer. The act of shooting is an event and it gives you exclusive rights - seeing or ignoring what is happening.

The viewpoint gathers the viewer and the photographer in one. The lens draws the limits of perception, defines the position from which we can see and the line after which we can imagine the disappeared and start a dialogue with the audience. Photography has the power to shock or idealize, to create a sense of nostalgia that blurs the notion of time and space, reality and fantasy. It is an illusion that we create our personal world.

The speed of the eye passes through the aperture creating mirror images. A place with dark and calm water, contours blurred in atomic shades. The speed of the eye passes through the aperture creating mirror images. A place with dark and calm water, contours blurred in atomic shades. Radiation through equal air tones crossed in mist dissolves in a spectrum of dark colors. Vapors filtered in golden glare, penetrate the atmosphere and polarize the image. The illusion is caught in the box of our imagination.

Photography is a feeling. It is a means of expression for those who want to share.”

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