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Radoslav Maglov, born in 1978, is a Bulgarian artist who obtained a PhD degree from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia in 2023. 

His work delves into the potential overflow of essences from object to subject and vice versa, as well as the capacity to assign moral categories to subjective sensations. In Maglov’s artistic endeavors, the bodily experience serves both as a medium and an outcome, inseparably intertwined with every aesthetic encounter. Through his interdisciplinary and experimental approach, Maglov aims to challenge conventional notions of the body and its relationship to ethical categories and social prejudices. Maglov’s work invites the audience to reflect on the transformative nature of the body, presenting it as a mental resource that can be consumed in a transgressive form of expression.

He employs a variety of media, including video, installations, sculptures, and paintings, to convey his message. 

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