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Technical obsolescence

The topic of this year's group exhibition of the Digital Arts Master Program, the National Art Academy, is related to the idea of technical obsolescence. The material life of the technology object is short. This mortal technic leaves traces at the same time in the city dump and in the galleries. Exhausted devices give rich aesthetic and meaningful options to leave the world by default. Technological optimism and progressivity, the digital euphoria, technomany, and techno-otopy stimulate manufacturing processing as an important factor in their planning technical obsolescence. The authors in the exhibition have a different approach, finding creative inventions of this problem. Artists focus on artistic practices influenced by technology. Watching a mortal object may be driven by curiosity or nostalgia. In the reanimation of the old-fashioned device we can look for a social effect. Moral obsolescence is accompanied by a quest for adaptation. Updating is a mutation, and the mistake is an occasion for fun. Each of us is no less vulnerable.


Students unfold their author's approach with a variety of tools: video art, interactive installation, performance, digital printing, 2D and 3D digital prototyping, electronics, programming.


The exhibition presents the diploma theses of Anna Bocheva, Gergana Lazarova-Runkel, Daniela Nikolchova, Pepa Parisheva, Yana Vasileva, Mia Momchilova, Ivan Abajiev, Ugur Tahir.


In the exhibition are included semester works of first-year students Alexandra Kabatliyska, Victoria Tsvetanova, Mario Stoynov, Nikolay Mitev, Hristina Popova.

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