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Koso Minchev was born in 1969. He graduated from the National Academy of Arts. He is one of the most visible and even scandalous authors related to the activities of the XXL group in the 90s. He is known for his provocative re-conceptualizations of classical painting and sculpture. 

Since 1997 he resides in New York.


He has exhibited his work throughout Europe and the United States, including Herring Kunstferein in Germany, the Wittgenstein House in Vienna, the Queens Museum of Art in New York, and the Beaumont Public Gallery in Luxembourg. His exhibitions have been the subject of many publications, including The New York Times, Village Voice, Sculpture Magazine, Woxx, Zeitung vum Lëtzebuerger Vollek and D'Lëtzebuerger Land in Luxembourg, Kultura and others.

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