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Angelina Pavlova has been trained in Czech Republic by prof. Libensky, one of the most important figures of glass art, and belongs to the small group of masters of glass in Bulgaria that has won public recognition abroad.

With Angelina, glass is space into space, the part that "doesn't exist" because of the transparency of the precisely polished surfaces and the other part existing as unconditionally as crystal structure does.The magic of materializing light refers to the artist's conception of color. With her, color is form itself.

What leads to the richness of her style expression is her artistic boldness and freedom, lying at the base of her onward professional development.

She began by designing. Then came the play of perfectly polished forms.


In their magic pursuit of light crystal geometric fragments formed the structure of the composition. Her pieces of art created easel-painting suggestion that was widely accepted. They enchant and give pleasure by their variation of colorful spots and volumes in free or associational semi-abstract forms.


In her last works the author has deepened semantics towards more dramatic suggestion. This resulted in the appearance of a new approach toward the material by the revival of the ancient technique of pate de verre. Color as an element of the composition has also undergone enrichment by penetrating into the depth of the volume. The cycle "Oxymoron" ranks among the works from this period. They are images totally synchronous with our modern world where opposite ideas are combined. Without referring to the narrative as a means of expression, Angelina has introduced her conventional characters that word her message to the audience. The ethical dimension of the dichotomies embodies the unity of contraries where oxymoron grows up from an image of opposition to the unity of both sides of one whole.

Angelina officiates in the natural matter of glass.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2016 "Glass and Painting" with Gencho Nakev, Nesi Gallery, Burgas

2007 Gallery Arteforma, Heidelberg, Germany 2007 Gallery Aventurijn, Eppe, The Netherlands

2007 "Glass Passions", Villa Roka Hotel, Bansko

2006 "I built in the light with Gencho Nakev", "Aspect" gallery, Plovdiv

2006 "Magical Reality", Arosita Gallery, Sofia

2004 "11x11 in Murgash" with Dimitar Dimov, Murgash Gallery

2002 Exhibition in the Mercedes showroom, Sofia

2002 "Glare", Polish Cultural Institute, Sofia

2000 "Vikings - discoverers, navigators, explorers", NGCHI, Sofia

1999 Gallery L, Hamburg, Germany

1997 "Connoisseur" gallery, Sofia.

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