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David Ioan: Graffiti

20.01.2020 - 14.02.2020

A solo exhibition by David Ioan

Official opening:

20 January from 19.00 

David Ioan’s exhibition is a glimpse into urban contemporary art. In addition to being his first solo exhibition, it is a kind of bridge-building act. We are used to perceiving graffiti as a typo of public or outdoor art. Building bridges between the roots of street art and the reality of contemporary urban art is a necessity for us. therefore, we have included this aspect into our program, in which visitors will get acquainted with the main destinations and places on the international street art scene. Our first stop is the exhibition of David Ioan, in which creativity is as hot as the topics which occupy the artist. Impossible dialogue? Maybe not.

Urban art is influenced from the abductions in the public space to studio creations, references and surroundings of ancient classical works are abundant. What if urban art can reconcile the ancient and the modern? In order to answer this complex matter, we need to talk to the major participants in this game. David Ioan is one of them. In the past 16 years, he has been involved in actions with his associates. Always wearing a mask and often pursued by the police. This art is illegal, but captivates the young artist so passionately that it is almost impossible to stop him from creating it. 


Desislava Zafirova

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