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Solo exhibition - painting
20.07. - 07.09.2021
Official opening: 20.07.2021 /Tuesday/ - 18:00

In partnership with BlackPeak Capital


OPEN BORDERS is the theme developed in the last solo exhibition by Ivelina Momcheva. Brilliantly appropriating many current issues visualized through her specific artistic style, the exhibition fills with poetic reflections and vivid criticism of consumer culture and human surplus in general. To create a story, similar to a storyboard, freely based on life in reality the artist includes 8 works painted on canvas, which are a kind of references to individual current topics and different points of view.


The OPEN BORDERS collection will be digitally presented on two of the most popular NFT platforms - OpenSea and Rarible. ONE Gallery is becoming a bridge between physical and digital space, entering the world of crypto art.


As the author shares, “Where we first turn to spiritual values, thoughts are directed to others, not selfishly to ourselves alone. This is today's struggle for preservation ... and so the "stormy sea" takes away our soul ... This is today's struggle - how to save yourself ?!

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