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Curated by Iva Saykova


10 March 2021


Opening: 10.03.2021 /Wednesday/

17:00 - 21:00 h.  

Filthy Rags is a team that is known for its presence in the street art scene. In recent years, they have gained recognition by powerful series of campaigns in galleries and alternative exhibition spaces in Bulgaria and abroad. “Zoo” is their newest one-night event of colourful large scale canvases that imprint metamorphoses, transformations and physical alterations, caused by inner human struggle.

Exploring timeless topics such as how volatile and moribund matter is, as well as the alertness and sublimity of the ever-seeking mind. Hidden messages and metaphors. The enigmatic signs, encoded in those entertaining canvases, provide the audience with plenty of food for thought, so as to fascinate and arouse interest,while provoking the imagination to actively participate in the process of transformation. A realization that is observed as a real-time game of life, the elimination of the vital geosystem, an experiment with human psyche, freedom deprivation, imposing borders, home incarceration, prohibitions, exploiting the mind through aggressive technological progress. Pushing humans to their limits, taming, fearmongering, overwhelming guilt, violent privation of the vital aspects of life.

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