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ONE Gallery presents Slav Nedev with works from the Yogurt Culture series in a virtual exhibition. The title of the series is inspired by a humorous expression among the inhabitants of a place far from the big cities in the state of New York, which reads: "If you want culture, you have to buy yogurt". This joke, mentioned by Louise Pirotta, a US artist, became the occasion for a small challenge between colleagues living in different countries.The exhibition shows digital prints made with Acrylic-Bond technology, as well as short video works.


The main compositions were created with 3D modeling and simulations of physical forces and phenomena from reality.


However, aside from the funny beginning, the exhibition refers to those associations, the symbol of which is milk as a primary nutrient - milk modified by microorganisms. These are the processes of fermentation and transformation, maturation, storage, nutrition, satisfaction of thirst / hunger, feeding with new energy - archetypal states that are essential part of the dynamics of life. In the works of the series, the yogurt is placed in the abstract spaces of sky or nothingness and is thus freed from any concreteness, which renders it the cosmic dimensions characteristic of myths.


The project for online presentation of the exhibition Yogurt Culture is implemented with the support of Sofia Municipality, under the initiative

"Solidarity in Culture" #Solidarity_In_Culture 

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