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Lyudmila Magdalena - photography

Kosyo Micnhev - sculpture

13.05. - 04.06.2021


Opening: 13.05.2021 /Thursday/

17:00 - 21:00 h.  


Kosyo Minchev - one of the "bad boys" of the 90s and some of the scandalous authors of Group XXL is returning from New York. He presents his current point of view on the position of the male role in the modern world. The exhibition examines topics related to the values ​​and relationships between men and women in the context of the globalizing technological world, and the way in which they communicate physically separated between the two continents, but together mentally and emotionally. Probably this is another creative experiment of the artist, who handles the messages in his sculptures quite extravagantly and is not by accident that he is appreciated and followed by collectors overseas. Lyudmila Magdalena is his muse and partner, who inspires his latest creative performances. The exhibition is an attempt to make sense of the change in the relationship between man and woman, the change in perspective on the position of an observer or rather a researcher, as the two partners define themselves. The artistic couple presents for the first time together a topic that is divided into two parts - the exhibition SIGNAL is a kind of study of HER by HIM in the halls of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, and SON explores the male image in ONE Gallery. The exhibition raises many questions, perhaps the most important of which is whether there can be a conscious synchronicity between her and him, between two bright personalities !?

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