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ONE Gallery


Iskra Blagoeva


International Art Fair

24 - 27 September 2020

Marx Halle Vienna



The works of Iskra Blagoeva resemble the dreams of a “bad” girl. The images emerge in the darkness as powerful visions coming to express an innermost longing for liberation. They confuse our notions of the woman or womanly and make us face forgotten archetypes hiding in the shadows of socially accepted models. In part of her works, the artist reaches back to mythology in order to reveal a different point of view and a possibility for perception of popular figures incorporated in the traditions and cultural memory. With a genuine desire to break the rules, she presents a different image of the woman, one that is opposite to the kindness, fragility, fertility and maternal care – an ancient Lilith banished from the biblical Eden, who appears with multiple faces blending with the image of the artist herself. Iskra Blagoeva sees the psychological symbolic work with images as a form of criticism in contemporary society.


By ridiculing the traditions, the artist shows the imminent decline of patriarchy, intertwined with the conservatism of consumer culture on the contemporary market of meaningless dreams. The engagement ring turned into a box is a symbol of the replaced expectations and the cruelty of society. However, instead of dashed innocence and a victim, Iskra Blagoeva finds in this painful failure of "dreams" an opportunity for rebellion.


Vladiya Mihaylova

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