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RASSIM® | Unfinished works 2024-2007 15.05.2024-10.06.2024 The artist's career in the modern art world depends on both the artistic qualities, visual solutions and conceptual searches of his work, and to a large extent on its presentation and the formation of a certain "aura" around the exceptional nature of the work and its author. This strategy was well accepted in the context of the Bulgarian neo-conceptualism and at the beginning of the 21st century RASSIM® was already among the famous Bulgarian artists, participated in prestigious international forums, was included in Western contemporary art publications and managed to convert the author (himself) into a carefully transformed or more precisely "corrected" work of art. Behind this well-polished business card of the professional artist hide many experiments and various technical conventions which, due to their transitory nature, usually remain in the shadow of the presented projects and finished works. Therefore it can be said that the current exhibition represents an unconventional solution - it includes unfinished and undisplayed works made after 2006, in a period when the artist was searching for the form of his return to painting after more than a decade of working with the so-called alternative medias such as photography, video and installation. In this line of thought, the two large-format canvases shown in the exhibition - "The Preferred Body" (2007) and "Separation from the Body" (2007) can be understood as central to the exhibition because they are part of the mentioned transformation in the artist's work and are completely unknown to the audience. The use of acrylic paint and the work on preparatory drawings are atypical solutions for the later painting series of RASSIM®, and therefore even if we assume that these two paintings are a conceptual continuation of the project "Corrections" (1998/1996), they are also a testimony to the new at that time formal pursuits of the artist. This deliberate replacement of the media is also found in the most recognizable among the included works - "Self-Portrait" (2024/2015/1995), first published as an action in the magazine "Izkustvo/Art In Bulgaria" in 1995. Except that it does not share the photographic realism of the original image, the self-portrait shown stands out from his other pictorial interpretations because of the collaged kinesio tape, a sign of the physical strain on the artist's body. An important highlight of the current exhibition is the painting "Et in Arcadia ego" (1630/2016) by Nicolas Poussin, which represents the next period in the work of RASSIM® - since 2006 the artist has been painting with organic materials and natural pigments such as urine, salt, burnt motor oil, petroleum and bluestone. Although an exact compositional replication of the original, this work from the "Old Pictures" series can be referred to as "unfinished" due to the sketchy nature of its pictorial development and the looser treatment of form, background, and overlooked details. Such a presentation of the author in front of the public is rare in contemporary art, because to a large extent the already mentioned "aura" derives from the mystery of genius, from the work hidden from all viewers in the studio, and from the illusion of almost non-artificial perfection - an illusion maintained by institutional standards in the art world. That is why this time, not with the yellow gloves from the cover of a magazine, but with white gloves and directly from his studio, RASSIM® provokes with a frank look at the unfinished and imperfect, but carefully preserved for years paintings and preparatory drawings. We must ask the question, do unfinished works have a legitimate place in the exhibition halls or are such attempts exotic, valuable only to researchers and specialists? This institutional case can be answered in principle positively - that in the world of art today everything is subject to legitimisation - especially if it falls within the field of historical science. And precisely because final conclusions are the prerogative of art history, I believe that within the framework of this exposition, freed from academic commitments, we can allow ourselves to form a preliminary and partially adjusted idea of ​​the "unfinished works" of RASSIM®. Ivan Stefanov * The opening of the exhibition will take place on the 15th of May 2024 at 19:00 in the space of ONE Gallery, address: 1A Dyakon Ignatiy Str.!

TRESOR Collective exhibition - Painting and Sculpture 04.04.2024 – 07.05.2024 The exhibition presents the dialogue between two authors who, through their art, examine the themes of materialistic desire, aesthetics and the construction of value. "Tresor" is an area where objects and trends are symbolically stored, raising questions about the fetishization of objects and symbols from our everyday life. Deyan Valkov works with oils and organic materials to create paintings that invite to emotional and spiritual contemplation. He is an intuitive artist who works by making marks, builds and breaks down, layering color on top of color until the image emerges. His themes are figurative. His intention is to provoke a narrative from sensory memory. He says, “I never start with a specific idea. I start with an impulse, a gesture, a color to which I react emotionally the way a listener reacts in a conversation. The stories evolve and change as I work. Often my work is also a conversation with myself.“ Ina Vasileva-INA is an author who works in the post-feminist artistic sphere. The range of her work includes sculpture, performance, installation and painting, and she often uses materials and processes associated with early conceptualism, pop art and minimalism. INA's diverse practice spans a variety of media and references, including clothing, accessories and cosmetics, drawing, painting and icons of modern art. In her objects, she emphasizes the valorization of superficial appearance and female beauty, while the interplay of gender expectations in her objects questions the boundaries of femininity. In her vast artistic universe, everything is a source of inspiration and search. She critically reflects on wider concerns about temporality and permanence and the fleeting nature of value in modern society, where objects and trends are rapidly becoming obsolete. INA sets topics for reflection on systemic, internalized cultural values, prompting a deeper search into the values of our contemporary notions of gender and the role of women. Desislava Zafirova, curator

Sophia Dobreva - Nolita’s solo show Bluebirds explores the realms of the subconsciousness, loneliness, and belonging. The author experiments with the concept of letting go of personal demons and exploring, comprehending, and accepting them during the creative process. Their translation on the canvas serves as a peace sign and leads to a catharsis of sorts. However, is peace achievable and how long can it endure? Bluebirds is a visual voyage through the deep blue of the human subconscious. The artist explores her personal prejudices and concerns as a long-term migrant, asking questions about the ingrained notions of gender, ethnicity, and origin. Through the study of her own demons, turning them into picturesque characters and exposing them to a wide audience, the author aims to shed light on a person’s hidden life companions - his inner struggles and fears. With the help of contemporary art, the artist seeks to normalise the conversation about the detox of the soul and its nurture. Sophia Dobreva - Nolita is a Bulgarian multidisciplinary artist living and working in Manchester, UK. Social justice and feminism are constant themes in her practice. Sophia works in the field of painting, illustration, animation and graphic design. The author is guided by the idea of syncretism in art and is inspired by and collaborates with artists from the musical and literary spheres. For her painting work, Sophia relies on the power of absolute colour, bold volumes and reaching global themes through intimate experiences.

Равновесие | Кураторски проект на Добромир Иван 19.02.-03.03.2024 Равновесието не е задължително, то е пожелателно състояние! Към него се стремят Епикур и Сафо, Монтен и Хайдегер, Зонтаг и Сартр. Еквилибриум ще се цели също и в груповата изложба в ONE Gallery от 19.02.2024 г. до 03.03.2024 г. Нарочно са подбрани автори от различни поколения и противоположни стилове. Неуморимият Сашо Стоицов и провокативната Елена Панайотова, поетичният J. Pank и скандалната Lina Bo, замечтаният Стефан Петрунов и строгата Леда Старчева. Гостенката от Дюселдорф Ваня Петкова и д-р Паушенвайн от Виена с тяхната студена абстракция. Не може да подминем безразлично мистичната тухла на д-р Гатев или личната митология на Косьо Минчев. На втория етаж в галерията видео инсталации ще покажат Георги Ружев и гостенинът от Ню Йорк - Тушев. Виното на вернисажа ще е от Карабунар – Villa Velis е верен фен на съвременното изкуство!