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Exhibitions 2024

Равновесие | Кураторски проект на Добромир Иван 19.02.-03.03.2024 Равновесието не е задължително, то е пожелателно състояние! Към него се стремят Епикур и Сафо, Монтен и Хайдегер, Зонтаг и Сартр. Еквилибриум ще се цели също и в груповата изложба в ONE Gallery от 19.02.2024 г. до 03.03.2024 г. Нарочно са подбрани автори от различни поколения и противоположни стилове. Неуморимият Сашо Стоицов и провокативната Елена Панайотова, поетичният J. Pank и скандалната Lina Bo, замечтаният Стефан Петрунов и строгата Леда Старчева. Гостенката от Дюселдорф Ваня Петкова и д-р Паушенвайн от Виена с тяхната студена абстракция. Не може да подминем безразлично мистичната тухла на д-р Гатев или личната митология на Косьо Минчев. На втория етаж в галерията видео инсталации ще покажат Георги Ружев и гостенинът от Ню Йорк - Тушев. Виното на вернисажа ще е от Карабунар – Villa Velis е верен фен на съвременното изкуство!

MONEV CONTEMPORARY opens 2024 with an exciting event in the art world – the postmodern exhibition by Dimitar Mitovski. The exhibition can be viewed from January 18th to February 11th at the new space of Gallery ONE - 1 "Dyakon Ignatiy" Street, as well as in Mitovski's Web3 space on OpenSea, where some of the works are presented as NFTs: Known more as a director, Mitovski, in his unique style, once again highlights his connections with unconventional visual art. The center of the exhibition titled "Cosmic Noise" is a long-playing record inspired by the popular British band Pink Floyd. Inspired by the iconic cover of the album "Animals" with a massive inflatable pig flying over the Battersea Power Station, Mitovski has replaced the symbol borrowed from Orwell with a green extraterrestrial one. His concept argues that "reality is not what it used to be" and he presents a new reality that challenges with its contemporary vision and content. Mitovski's LP vinyl is a limited edition work of art. The author's goal is for original works to reach more people at a price comparable to that of standard music records. For the same reason, parts of the sound and visuals of "Cosmic Noise" are presented in digital NFT format in Mitovski's Web3 space on OpenSea. At the intersection of technology and art, DigitalConnection is the team that constructs the bridge, ensuring each NFT artwork finds its way into the curated collection of discerning enthusiasts. Learn more about the NFT collection "Cosmic Noise" at:

"ERUPTING" "Because pain is more painful, if silent" Giovanni Pascoli - Nuovi Poemetti (1909) - from "Il prigioniero" Contemporary society, bold and unpredictable, heralding significant and rapid changes, advocating for fortuitous goals and unexpected luxurious sufferings, increasingly and swiftly becomes saturated with nefarious feelings that converge into what we all know as a sense of disorientation or the experience of emptiness, one of the constitutive stages of collective life. The consequence of all this is undoubtedly the pathologization of anger, an excessive and sudden feeling characterized by overwhelming anguish, pressing and irreducible, a mere signal that something is not going in the right direction. In this regard, Aristotle, in his treatise on ethics titled "Nicomachean Ethics", probably dedicated to his father Nicomachus, states that virtue perpetually teeters between excess and deficiency, emphasizing that every virtue and vice are neither inherently good nor bad: they are simply a matter of symmetrical harmony. This also applies to anger. Anger is not inherently evil but entirely depends on human action, considering that the "state" is not sufficient, and the "activity" is also necessary, namely power and action. And so, anger, the emblematic manifestation of profound personal and inner suffering, becomes the most immediate response to the absence of that idea of "perfect" happiness. Therefore, it is only by navigating this challenging crossroads, strongly marked by cathartic purposes, that we can ensure a new form of balance for ourselves. Based on these assumptions, "ERUPTING" in an attempt to channel the impetuosity of abyssal pain towards gentleness and beauty, relies on the Aristotelian axiom that "getting angry is easy, everyone is capable of it, but it is absolutely not easy and, above all, not for everyone to get angry with the right person, in the right measure, in the right way, at the right time, and for the right cause". Moreover, in the words of philosopher Emil Cioran, "ERUPTING" speaks openly to all those facing "a world unified in the coarse and terrible," to all of us who "have the phenomenon in our blood," who are born already "in the fever of the visible," and for whom every strategy aimed at moving towards "liberation from oneself and from everything" will involve the virtues of discernment, care, and disillusionment. Thus, "to become futile, we must cut our roots, become metaphysically foreign". At this point, it is inevitable to ask: "Today, who cares more about the soul?". What follows is a possible and strongly desired pacifying process that, fueled by movement, pushes emotions to the point of no return. A perpetual climax that culminates in an explosion, seeking a managerial balance that eschews violence but processes certain emotional states toward a propitious and liberating flow. In this bold attempt to explore human emotions, the multidisciplinary Bulgarian dance company Karakashyan & Artists collaborates with Il Bottone Foundation to delve into the complexity of mental health and the processing of anger through the performance titled, precisely, "ERUPTING". The performative act involves four dancers from the Bulgarian company who confront the different nuances and expressions of anger, using their bodies as brushes to materialize the visceral embodiment of anger itself, transposing it onto blank canvases. As they contort, they spontaneously throw color onto the canvases, staining them, creating vivid and original works that testify to the ephemeral nature of our emotions. Every movement becomes an irreproducible, passionate, and vibrant splash, defining that inner turmoil that often proves to be intangible. The Karakashyan & Artists company, known for its engaging and avant-garde production, embracing the beauty of the intimate, visceral, and subversive, invites the audience to immerse themselves in the pulsating energy of this performance. By intertwining the inherent forces of dance and visual arts, it generates a compelling narrative that invites the onlooker to a heartfelt participation in the dialogue on the importance of recognizing and understanding the complexity of articulated human emotions. Domenico de Chirico

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