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WORDS on WORDS, a print series of the project, comprises 13 lenticular works. Distinct single-word responses derived from the answers of the more than 3000 participants in the project are layered throughout the panels in a vast array of colors enhanced by the 3D effect. Interjecting his voice in a collaborative manner with the project’s participants from 131 countries, the artist combined these individual answers into two- or three-word phrases to create iconoclastic yet playful statements reminiscent of Dada and Surrealist word play.  

Curator Stephan Stoyanov


supported by


ONE MONEV Gallery opened in May 2015 as a joint project of Desislava Zafirova and Valentin Monev. Since the creation of the gallery, its program has been entirely focused on contemporary art with an emphasis on Bulgarian and international artists. During its many years of work, the ONE MONEV Gallery has successfully presented many established and emerging artists, hosted residencies and lectures, and has participated in several international exhibitions, including Contemporary Istanbul, COSMOSCOW and Vienna Contemporary. In September 2019, the owners of the gallery decided to divide their activities in order to pursue different artistic directions - Desislava Zafirova create ONE Gallery, and Valentin Monev created MONEV CONTEMPORARY. Despite these changes, the two galleries continue to partner together in various projects and work in cooperation in order to promote Bulgarian and international contemporary art.

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