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Ina Vasileva was born on 05/06/1981 in the city of Yambol, Bulgaria. She attended the National Academy of Arts in two majors - textiles and fashion, and they inevitably left a mark on her practice. In 2017, she defended her doctoral degree at the National Academy of Arts, Department of Fashion. The topics she explores in her dissertation open spaces of research in contemporary art for Ina, using the language and means of fashion.

Devoting herself to the essence of objects in her work, to materialistic desire, aesthetics and the construction of value, Ina Vasileva's elegant, alluring works create a prism through which the contemporary politics of gender, beauty and consumerism can be reevaluated. Her post-feminist artistic practice spans sculpture, performance, installation and painting, often using materials and processes associated with early conceptualism, pop art and minimalism.

Ina's diverse practice spans a variety of media and references, including clothing, accessories and cosmetics, drawing, painting and icons of modern art. In her objects, she emphasizes the valorization of superficial appearance and female beauty, while the interplay of gender expectations in her objects questions the boundaries of femininity. She critically reflects on broader concerns about temporality and permanence and the fleeting nature of value in contemporary society, where objects and trends rapidly become obsolete. Ina poses topics for reflection on systemic, internalized cultural values, prompting a deeper search into the values ​​of our contemporary notions of gender and the role of women.

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