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Milko Pavlov

(born in 1956 in Aytos, Bulgaria)

1961 The family moves to Sofia.
1976 After brief hesitation decides not to apply for the Fine Art Academy.
1978-83 Private lessons from different artists.
1983 Displays works for the first time in a collective exhibition of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. Watercolours, oil painting.
1988 Diploma from the 4th International
Competition for Young Artists, Sofia.
First prints.
1990 Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists.
1991 Co-founder of The Club of the Forever Young Artists.
Painted objects.
ARTEST Grant from the Stiftung BINZ 39, Zurich, Switzerland.
First sand paintings.
1991-95 ARTEST coordinator for Bulgaria.
1993 Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Cologne, Germany.
First paper pulp works, books.
1994 Curator BG+CH=IZLOJBA=AUSSTELLU NG, “Sredetz” Gallery of MC, Sofia.
1996 Member of The International Print Society, Cracow, Poland.
Curator “Hermetical/Chaotical”, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia.
1997 Curator “Bulgarian Art Book”, ATA Center for Contemporary Art, Sofia.
1997-98 Künstlerhäuser Worpswede, Germany.
1998 First large size frottages on paper in “The borders of Paradise”, XXL Gallery, Sofia.
1997 Prize of the “Support for Art in Bulgaria” Foundation.
Museum award of TAMA ART UNIVERSITY, Tokyo, Japan.
1999 Living and working in Bremen and Sofia.
2005 First fixing of fragments from a “Future incomplete”.
2008 - Living and working in Berlin and Sofia.

2022 “Recently Ahead“, ONE+ Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.
„Unsettled Paintings Frozen Like Mountains”, Villa Magdalena, San Sebastián, Spain.
2021 „Frei sein”, St Peter und Paulkirche, Ratingen, Germany.
2020 FACIES, St. Matthäus Stiftung, Berlin, Germany.
2019 „Hungertuch”, St Peter und Paulkirche, Ratingen, Germany.
2018 „Sophia Nova 2118-2084”, One Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2012 „Brother in Arms”, Yuzina Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.
„Tomorrow belongs to me”, The OMC Gallery, Huntington Beach Ca/USA.
2008 „2076:120 Years of Milko Pavlov”, National Art Gallery Sofia, Bulgaria.
2007 „Bilocation 2029”, FLUC Belgrade, Serbia.
„Tomorrow belongs to you – Milko Pavlov Painting 2004-2066”, City Art Gallery, Bremen, Germany.
2005 „milkopavlovthelargesizedrawings (2012-2030)”, Sofia City Art Gallery, Bulgaria.

2020 „BLAU”, Ohnesorge Gallery, Bremen, Germany.
2019 BG minimal – Tarnovo, Plovdiv, Sofia, Bulgaria.
„Thank you Mr Ruf”, Credit Bonus, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2017 Sofia Underground Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2016 „Watercolour, ink and acrylic on paper”, Jordan-Seydoux Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
2015 Prints from the SGHG Collection, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2014 „The Untold Bulgarian Abstraction”, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.
„Unknown Masterpieces”, Wonderloch Kellerland”, Berlin, Germany
2011 „Out of time”, SGHG, Sofia, Bulgaria
2009  „Reflections from Tomorrow“, The Ancient Bath, Plovdiv
2008 „Heaven and Hell today”, St. Stephani Kirche, Bremen, Germany
„Gardens of Memory”, Sofia City Art Gallery, Bulgaria
2007 „Visual Immortality”, Contemporary Art from
Southeast Europe, Basel, Switzerland
2006 „The Unknown Masterpiece”, City Art Gallery, Bremen, Germany

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National Art Gallery, Sofia
Sofia City Art Gallery
Art Gallery – Dobrich
City Art Gallery – Plovdiv
Varna City Art Gallery
Arts support Found, Sofia
Stiftung St. Matthäus, Berlin
Grafik Museum Stiftung Schreiner, Bad Steben, Germany
Städtische Gallerie Bremen, Germany
Swb Enordia Bremen, Germany
Leopold-Hoesh Museum Düren, Germany
International Print Society Cracow
TAMA Art University Museum Tokyo, Japan
Kanagawa Art Foundation Yokohama, Japan
Associazione Premio Internazionale Biella per l`Incisione, Italy

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