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RASSIM® makes organic matter paint! Whether it is the "gold of the body" (urine) or "the gold of the earth" (the oil), the matter obeys its brush and paint. These portraits are of common memory, filled with deep nostalgia.

However, in the paintings of the Sea Black Rassim cycle no longer needs a brush! As a postmodern scientist (or as a premodern magician!), Rassim stands on the empty beach of the sea, as if he is taking samples and making the sea to paint itself. To paint without a brush, to paint through the sacred salt of his life-giving waters.

There is something magical in these pictures. They radiate both cheerful and threatening. They give so much to the imagination that I begin to imagine another sea and another planet (somewhere in the deep cosmos!), where life is about to rise from the warm, salty waters ...

Such a tension of primary founding, the primary event I felt only in Blake engravings on biblical subjects.

In my opinion, in Sea Black Rassim achieves something that we should call cosmic supremacy the nostalgia of the spirit on the organic body.

Annie Ilkov

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