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Exhibition - video installations
14.09. - 27.09.2021

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At a time when urban planning is constantly investing in the study of contemporary art, the current exhibition presents several aspects of the relationship between "art and architecture" today.


The presented selection of works unites the works of artists and architects from six countries, for whom the city is both an object of analysis and a field for intervention.


The exhibition creates a dialogue between contemporary works and proposals that emerged during the radical movements of the 1960s and 1970s. It allows us to return to the role of the architect and show the attempts to rewrite the origins of cities and their architecture.


Through 11 works by artists and architects, the exhibition is an opportunity for a city walk from far and near, revealing both the utopias of the 1960s and the fragility of the present, facing environmental and industrial disasters.


A program of lectures is held within the exhibition:


September 14: arch. art critic Nabila Metair: "The Landscapes of the Collection of the Regional Fund for Contemporary Art of the Center-Loire Valley: From the Architectural Utopia of the 1960s to New Areas of Experimentation."

September 15: arch. Todor Mihailov: "Architectural and Literary Utopias"

September 16: arch. Alexander Yonchev: "The role of architectural utopia in the city of the future"

September 20: arch. Lubo Georgiev: "The interested researcher"

September 21: Venelin Shurelov, visual artist: "New media, promises and dangers"

September 23: arch. Stefan Asparuhov: "Periurbanization processes and transformations of agricultural areas in Bulgaria."

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