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Trains of Thoth

Solo exhibition by:


Da Zain

25/08 - 10/09/2022


by Da Zain
25/08 - 10/09/2022
Vernissage: 25/08/2022 @18:00
Trains of Thoth is an exhibition project combining two transmedia installations that explore the phenomenology and mythology of moving image technologies. They share a format specifically designed to juxtapose motion activated lenticular print animations with fixed viewer position video screenings. The format questions the relationship between embodiment and technology by inviting the viewer to
experience the contrast between the physical arrest of single channel film/video screenings and the motion activated moving image of the lenticular/holographic medium. In the tradition of McLuhan's view of media formats as semantic conduits, Trains of Thoth activates the meanings embedded in specific media frameworks foregrounding ways media, in turn, enframe cognitive experience.

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