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Ivan Kostolov 

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    Ivan Kostolov (1972, Plovdiv) is a graduate of the USSR Academy of Dramatic Arts, Plovdiv. He studied at the National Academy of Sciences - Sofia (1994-1996). During the period 1999-2001 he studied at the Academy of Arts, Mainz. From 2001 to 2006, he was a student of the world-famous artist Prof. Hermann Nitsch, and in 2006 he completed a master class with Prof. Christa Neer at the Stadelschule in Frankfurt am Main. Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. He has numerous solo exhibitions and participation in prestigious general art expositions in Bulgaria and Germany. Winner of the 1st prize for painting in the National Competition for Young Artists, Critics and Curators of the Union of Bulgarian Artists in 2007.

Specialists define Ivan Kostolov as a phenomenon in the new Bulgarian painting. After a nearly ten-year stay in Germany and after his graduation in 2006 from one of the most prestigious art academies in Europe – the Stadelschule in Frankfurt am Main (in the class of Prof. Hermann Nitsch and Prof. Christa Neer) he had an intense period with numerous serious participation in the Bulgarian and German art scenes.

1972 born in Plovdiv, works and lives in Berlin
2012 - 2016 doctoral studies, painting, National Art Academy, Sofia, Prof. B. Boyadzhiev
2005 – 2006 master class, painting specialty (Meisterschüler)
Städelschule Academy of Arts, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Prof. Christa Neer
2001 – 2005 painting, Academy of Arts Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in the class of Prof. Hermann Nitsch,
Prof. Simon Starling and Prof. Krista Neer
1999 – 2001 painting, Academy of Arts at the University of Mainz, Mainz, Germany, in the class of Prof. Klaus Vogelgezang
1994 – 1999 scenography, NHA, Sofia

2021 Art Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture, Brandenburg, Germany
2012 1st prize for painting from Allianz Bulgaria National Awards, regional exhibition Plovdiv
2008 First prize for painting of the foundation «St. St. Cyril and Methodius", Sofia

2019 Ivan Kostolov Painting, BKI, Prague
2019 Ivan Kostolov Painting, BKI, Berlin
2017 Lettuce and Honey, Muster-Meyer Gallery, Bern,
2014 They are still here, Credo Bono gallery, Sofia
2014 Lettuce and honey, contemporary space gallery, Varna
2012 Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Berlin
2012 Arte gallery, Sofia
2011 Aspect gallery, Plovdiv
2010 Bulart Gallery, Varna
2008 Aspect gallery, Plovdiv
2008 Candy for Mermaids, Agrion Gallery, Sofia
2008 Aspect gallery, Plovdiv
2007 Coriander, Atelier Dreimann, Wiesbaden, Germany
2007 In search, Goethe Institute, Sofia
2006 Schlampentrompete, Gallery U7, Frankfurt, Germany
2002 Schwarz - Weiss, Mainz, Germany

2023 Planet Art meets Project Pressure, Kühlhaus, Berlin
2022 roaming projects e. V, Berlin
2021 Brave New Earth, Verein Berliner Künstler, Berlin
2019 No I, no Have, no Be, Galerie Akademia, NHA, Sofia
2019 Learning from the bees, Kühlhaus Berlin
2019 PlanetArt – Festival of Nature, NABU, Kühlhaus, Berlin
2019 Outdoors, rakursi gallery, Sofia
2019 Thank you, Mr. Ruf, Credo Bono Gallery, Sofia
2018 Personalized Traditions, Bulgarisches Kulturinstitut, London
2018 Light and Shade, Preparing For Darkness, Kühlhaus, Berlin
2018 Fragmentierte Erzählungen, Verein Berliner Künstler, Berlin
2017 Narration, Kühlhaus, Berlin
2017 Open Spaces Art, Gstaad
2015 Focus Bulgaria, viennacontemporary, Vienna
2015 Islands along the Stream, Rayko Alexiev Gallery, Sofia
2015 Attention: fresh paint, SGHHG, Sofia
2015 Image and Likeness, National Gallery, Sofia
2015 Contemporary Painting, Sofia Arsenal, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sofia
2014 Simple Gallery, Gstaad
2014 A sequel follows, an exhibition from the collection of
Gaudenz B. Ruf, SGHH, Sofia
2013 Migration, Bulart Gallery, Varna
2012 Idea for Home, Shipla Gallery 6, Sofia
2012 So close, so far, NDK, Sofia
2012 Chances, Choices, Changes, World Bank exhibition, NDK, Sofia
2012 Exhibition of the nominees of the MOST contemporary art competition, Modern Art Gallery, Sofia
2012 Allianz Bulgaria National Awards,
regional exhibition Plovdiv
2011 Exhibition of works of art from the collection of the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
2011 Art Salon 2011, Kunsthalle Munich, South Gallery, Munich, Germany
2011 Re-production, Sofia Arsenal, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sofia
2011 The selection of 43 art critics 43 works, SGHH, Sofia
2010 Aquarium, project of SGHH, Alma Mater gallery, Sofia
2010 Shortlist, awards for contemporary Bulgarian art of G. B. Ruf, Raiko Alexiev Gallery, Sofia
2010 10 x 5 x 3, SBH, Shipka 6 gallery, Sofia
2010 Inhalation-exhalation, Goethe Institute, Sofia
2010 The Collection. New arrivals 2008-2009, SGHH, Sofia
2009 Dialogues with Time, painting from the collection of SGHH, Zurab Tsereteli Russian Art Gallery, Moscow
2009 Dialogues with Time, painting from the collection of the SGHH, SGHH, Sofia
2009 Toshina Art Gallery, Leipzig
2008 National Exhibition Competition "National Awards Allianz Bulgaria", Gallery Shipka 6, Sofia
2008 Shortlist, awards for contemporary Bulgarian art of Gaudenc B. Ruf, SGHH, Sofia
2008 Current Scene Bulgaria, Ludwig Museum, Koblenz
2008 National autumn exhibitions, "Concepts for the image", Plovdiv
2008 Contemporary Bulgarian Art, Arena Vestfossen, Norway
2007 In the footsteps of lost time, SGHHG, Sofia
2007 M-Tel awards for contemporary Bulgarian art, NDK Sofia
2007 04. Berliner Kunstsalon, art fair, Berlin
2007 Rausch Collection, Porticus Gallery, Frankfurt
2006 10 x 5 x 3, SBH, Shipka 6 gallery, Sofia
2006 The Graduates, Städelmuseum, Frankfurt
2005 Städel Aktuell, Art Forum, Zeligenstadt
2005 New Step, Gallery U7, Frankfurt
2005 Art Frankfurt, Porticus Gallery, Frankfurt am Main
2003-2006 Junge Kunst mit Zukunft, organizer Ernst & Young, Museum of Applied Arts, Frankfurt
2003 Talentschuppen, Mainz
2002 Löwenhof Awards, Frankfurt
2002 Hermann Nietzsche Class Exhibition, Offenbach Art Center

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